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Why Comp Cards Matter: How-To

Composition Cards

Model Development & Branding Series


What Are They?

  • Comp Cards are business cards for Talents (models, actors, etc), showcasing most recent work

  • Displays info & measurements both efficiently & appealingly

  • A blank canvas for Casting Directors

Purpose They Serve?

  • Displays artistic strengths

  • Attracts niche opportunities

  • Communicates professionalism & industry knowledge

How to Create?

  1. Retrieve Talent's measurements

  2. Compile, analyze, & synthesize references (Pinterest!!)

  3. Utilize a minimalist design (No more than 2 fonts)

  4. Choose a simple & clean background (minimize clutter)

  5. Be cognizant of lighting (Natural or Controlled)

  6. Capture full body, mid-shot, profile, & head-shot (Talent facing toward center)

  7. Shoot liberally for a wide selection

  8. Edit minimally in post production (Focus on color correction and consistent lighting)

  9. Print or digitally share (Depending on circumstances)

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