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Attract High Paying Clients with High Quality Visuals

It’s quite simple.

We, Brands & Creatives, open endless opportunities when the public associates our image with high quality.

Visuals speak for you in your absence. They engage with newcomers by answering their subconscious questions. Questions you consciously hate to answer.

  1. “How can I trust you'll do the job right?”

  2. "Do you have enough experience for my investment to be worth it?”

  3. “What can you offer that [competitor] cannot?”

  4. “Why is THAT your price?! I could just do it myself.”

The proof is in the pudding.

As professionals, we know perception management is integral to marketing. Visuals, which are digital assets, increase the perceived equity of a brand’s digital real estate. Similar to how a luxury home subconsciously communicates its price to its observer. This same impression urges prospective clients to set their budget anchor much higher after seeing high-quality visuals vs. casually hearing about your services in conversation.

Whether you’re a model, lifestyle brand, musician, or similar, the products and services you provide endure heavy scrutiny before a client confirms whether it’s the right fit. Frankly, you're off-putting clients by over-convincing them. It feels disingenuous and inorganic. We, also, risk coming off desperate when we’re pushing a hesitant person to make a premature decision. When clients make decisions, they crave fulfillment, not depletion. So naturally, communication needs to be succinct and accommodating.


(5) Subconscious Messages Your Visuals Send:

  1. Attention to detail

  2. Budget & compensation range

  3. Business health & experience

  4. Competitive advantage

  5. Market insights


Attention to detail

A trained eye spots precision quickly. An untrained eye spots carelessness quicker.

When we are precise in our imagery, we magnetically attract the people who will most benefit from our work. This is not to say cheap visuals eliminate efficacy. And certainly not to equate expensive visuals with quality service. Without proper representation and explanation, an unknowing prospector makes a quick judgment based on their first impression. So introduce yourself with sufficient time, care, and consideration. People trust you to apply the same level of detail in their business when they see you have used a decent amount on your own.


Budget & compensation range

Before speaking a word, show us your worth.

When consumers buy Tesla, Gucci, and other luxury commodities, they know the price is set in stone. Even in a McDonald’s, you’ll fail miserably trying to negotiate happy meal prices with the cashier. These brands invest millions of dollars into their marketing, and they charge accordingly. As previously stated, a luxury home demands a high budget based on its presentation alone. If you want clients with a mansion’s budget, avoid the studio apartment look.


Business health & experience

Excuses to skimp marketing funds never outweigh the consequences of a mediocre presence.

There’s one telltale sign that a business is new or struggling. The state of their visual assets. It’s common for new companies to underestimate the significance of their public image. And when a business is running poorly, marketing efforts are the first to go. While it seems rational to cut costs, this can plateau your business growth by reducing scale capacity. If your image looks cheap, then your services seem cheap. With a high-end client, they're looking for formidable and distinguished collaborators who will complement their brand. Justify charging your worth by looking the part. Instead of cutting marketing costs, try considering other ways to improve your systems.


Competitive advantage

When competition is tight, the final decision comes down to preference.

Clients shop for the talents who best fit their project. When there’s a pool of candidates, clients begin the vetting process based on objective criteria. For instance, has this candidate completed any projects that are quintessentially similar to the project in mind? And so on. Once they’ve filtered the obvious NOs, the final decision comes down to subjective criteria. If both candidates have equal ability, then the candidate with the best presentation, and visual impression, takes the cake.


Market insights

Show your data quickly and beautifully.

High-quality visuals are a paradox. They stand boldly in the now while withstanding the test of time. This is because quality isn’t an arbitrary buzzword, rather a metric for success. To convey a sense of relevance and finesse, one must understand how the past, present, and future intersect. Your visuals succeed based on their lasting impressions. When you’re up-to-date and knowledgeable about current events and trends, your curation impacts more people. Clients are making their way to the next generation, and visual communicators can bridge the age gap. One tailored visual can articulate the market insight you’ve garnered on niche audiences, which is immensely valuable.


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