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Hi I’m Shaun,

In this piece, you’ll learn a few things about me.

I’m an interdisciplinary artist, meaning I express my ideas through many mediums.

(I.e. Photo, Video, Digital, Writing, Illustration)

Taurus - Capricorn - Virgo


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Using 3 adjectives, I’d describe my work as alluring, uncanny, and stimulating. I’m intrigued by surrealism, beauty, and geometry. Intuitive yet mathematical.

As the male of my friend group, I often found myself the designated photographer. I, therefore, gained lots of experience with harsh critics! Once I became more intentional with my work, I avoided people to focus on finding personality within nature and architecture. Welcoming the challenge to create dynamic compositions out of static objects. At this point in my development, I grew very comfortable with colorizing, leading lines, geometry, and other fundamentals.

I’m a Boston-native, spending most of my life here. My tolerance for anything slow-paced is nonexistent, so I’d say the city-boy trope is quite fitting. Nonetheless, I have a strong gravitational pull towards nature (maybe because of my triple earth placements). And I find it eerie that, at one point, greenery outnumbered skyscrapers.

Street photography is my playground. There’s inherent juxtaposition when you merge a concrete jungle’s elements with that of nature. I capture this, then drive the nail through by injecting energizing color palettes to embody the surreal aesthetic that baselines my creative direction.

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